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Live Fit

Living fit includes proper nutrition, with regular movement, sufficient vitamins and supplements, and a healthy support system to keep you motivated and positive. B12 Fitness Group is focused on combining all four components for a holistic, healthy lifestyle. Nutrition and diet is the most important component when it comes to weight control. Click to learn more about B12 Fitness Group and how we can help you.

Live Active

Living active includes regular exercise, a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity a week, included with proper nutrition, supplements and vitamins for deficiencies, and uplifting coaching along the way. B12 Fitness Group​ can assist you in finding your target heartrate, a workout plan, and more. Click to learn more.  

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B12 Fitness Group, licensed distributors of dotFIT products and certified trainers through dotFIT, are proud to partner with dotFIT to market, promote, and distribute the number one fitness regime in the industry. To create a free account, click the dotFIT logo below.